A Week in Photos


Brainstorming day.


An Iranian, Venezuelan and Norwegian walk into a bar…


Walae, the coolest chic at Tufts, presenting her “bad taste” project in class. She used makeup wipes to express how men– boys, make comments in bad taste about our makeup.


Shooting for Currents Magazine with Elizabeth Brooks, a very talented film photographer at Tufts.

Later that night was “Senior Bar Night”, a Tufts senior tradition. I made super tasty, and therefore dangerous 😳 cocktails of:

  1. Tequila
  2. Honey
  3. Lime & Lemon juice – fresh and pre-squeezed.
  4. Dilute honey in warm water, pour over ice cubes and add a shot or two of tequila and equal, if not more, lime & lemon. Sprinkle with Cayenne for an extra kick. Mint leaves optional as well. Try not to drink the entire bottle of tequila, because this mix is drinkable.


Polykhroma Art Show & Bird Collective underground music made up Friday’s entertainment.


Filming a short film, Vincent & Venus, all day with a surprise greek wedding at the end of the night. More of this to come.


Recover, recuperate, watch movies in bed. That is what Sunday’s are for. Portraits of Marissa Sashihara, 55 mm.

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