The secret to smart layering is simple: fabric. Synthetic materials don’t keep the heat in as well, which means you need ‘more’ to achieve less. Wool is a natural material that insulates the body and is breathable. Where acrylics give you sweat marks, wool is “self-cleansing” and naturally eliminates odors, which means you need to clean your items less often and they stay preserved for longer.

Work from the inside out: I’m wearing 2 layers of wool first: a thin (itch-free) wool tank top and a wool/silk blend black sweater. On top of that, I’m wearing a thick cashmere magenta turtleneck. I always wear wool tights or ski thermals under my pants in the winter, and wool socks. Loose-legged pants are best because you can really layer comfortably underneath.

Warm socks are important. Cold feet = cold body.

It may seem like dressing this way is expensive. But the fact is that you can really dress well and warmly on a budget. You can find cashmere sweaters at thrift stores for as little as $5. I’ve stocked up from Goodwill and Thrive Exchange.


When you’re bundled up in layer after layer, this is the item that will be most visible and create the first impression. Wool is a good meeting

3. Play with Color

I’m a fan of having neutral-colored basics and my pants, shoes, coat and bag are all monochromatic here. Neutral pieces make it easier to create different looks and you will find yourself wearing them all the time. But see how the pompoms on my shoes are blue? I think a pop of color can make an outfit more interesting.


A current trend but also a classic option. See coat for reference. Enough said.


I could easily have worn black jeans with this outfit or black leather boots. Instead, I chose wide velvet pants and pompom shoes. Try wide-legged pants this winter to balance your coat and heavy knitwear.

borough market thai food
(Try this Thai food and hot chocolate at Borough Market in London)
hot chocolate borough market

If you’re in London I highly recommend Borough Market. These coconut pancakes were wonderful. Just if you’re going anytime soon– wear layers of wool. The food tastes better when

you’re warm. Borough Market, London

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